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Types of Fashion Style: Which One is Yours

Written by Bold Apps


Posted on April 06 2020

Types of Fashion Style: Which One is Yours

Everyone has their own sense of style. One person may think an outfit is beautiful, while another wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it. It’s like the old saying goes, “to each their own.” This article will outline three types of fashion styles and help you determine which is right for you. Please, don’t listen to what anyone else has to say. At the end of the day, if you feel beautiful in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters.


Lots of people around the country love the preppy fashion style. A preppy fashion style is all about clean lines and simplicity. If you want your outfit to be simple and you’re shooting for more of a Jackie O look, then preppy is the right style for you. Dressing preppy doesn’t mean that your closet should be full of lackluster items. You can purchase plenty of simple dresses with interesting patterns that still fit into this category. If you think this style is a good fit for you, then trust the help of one of the best dress boutiques in Tulsa: Amaranth Collection. Our team will help you build the perfect preppy wardrobe that’ll impress all your loved ones at the next cocktail party. 


If you’re all about being comfortable, then an active fashion style was made for you. An active wardrobe doesn’t mean throwing on an oversized t-shirt and basketball shorts. There’s a way you can dress so that you can look cute and be active at the same time. Leggings are the perfect option for people interested in this style. Leggings are extremely comfortable, so they’re easy to move in. Also, they come in various colors and patterns, so you’ll always look fabulous. You can also throw on a cute top made from a breathable fabric in case you wear the outfit to workout. Don’t forget an adorable scrunchie, too, so you can put up your hair when needed. 


Anyone looking to stand and push their fashion choices to the limits should try dressing punk. I know—hearing the word punk in relation to fashion can be a bit intimidating. Yet, it really doesn’t have to be, girl. There’s a way to achieve a punk-chic look that’ll express your alternative style without being too much. Start by purchasing flannel shirts and ripped jeans. These staple pieces are incredibly punk, and if you don’t overdo it, you’ll still look adorable. For example, don’t mix two punk pieces together. Wear the ripped jeans with a basic t-shirt to help offset things. Chokers are also a great accessory for those who want to express their punk style. 

These different fashion styles are all beautiful in their own way. That’s why you should never be afraid to switch up your look from day to day. Whatever style you choose, remember, confidence is the best accessory.



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