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Tips for Building a Business Casual Wardrobe

Written by Bold Apps


Posted on May 14 2020

A woman’s wardrobe is incredibly complex. Every fashionista knows that there are different outfits for different occasions. You would never wear a sparkly skirt to something boring like jury duty. Similarly, it’d be completely inappropriate to wear a button-up suit to an outdoor concert. However, every woman must be extra mindful of what they wear to work. If you want to make the right impression, follow these tips for building a business casual wardrobe.

Solids Are Your Friend

Add tons of solid-colored pieces to your wardrobe if you’re wondering what to wear to work. Solid pieces are the best because they’re so easy to mix and match. You can style a simple black dress in dozens of different ways. Back in the day when I was working my first office job, I wore the same green sweater at least five times a month. However, no one ever suspected a thing because I styled it differently every time. One day, I paired it with a flowery scarf. The next day, I put a stunning gray blazer over it, and no one knew I was wearing the same thing. Incorporate as many solid articles of clothing as possible into your closet so you can have plenty of versatile looks to wear to work.

Balance Casual With Professional

Remember, ladies, business casual isn’t the same thing as formal business attire. Business casual is a blend of simpler clothing items with eloquent pieces that are appropriate to wear to work. If your company operates under a business casual dress code, you do have some style freedoms. You just have to make sure that your outfit fits the guidelines. For example, wearing a basic white t-shirt probably isn’t a wise idea. However, the top could totally work if you throw a blazer over it. Visit Amaranth Collection if you’re struggling to find items that marry the two tones. Amaranth Collection is the best Tulsa clothing boutique store. Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect work-appropriate outfits that’ll surely leave an impression amongst your coworkers.

Add Accessories When You Can

A lot of people struggle with expressing their style while they’re at work. So many people are concerned with looking professional that they let their style fall by the wayside. Luckily, there are plenty of business casual wardrobe tips to keep that from happening. For example, you should utilize accessories when you can. I always put on a bold necklace if I’m wearing something a little lackluster. The right accessory can elevate your look and help you feel more confident. Let’s not forget that the right pair of shoes can complete any look. Search our wide selection of shoes at Amaranth Collection to upgrade your work-style game.



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