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Summer Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Have

Written by Elizabeth Whitehead


Posted on July 15 2020

Summer is here! Finally, we can have socially distant bonfires with our friends. Although this summer will look different from those in the past, I think we all desire to maintain a little normalcy with our wardrobe. After all, you don’t want to jeopardize your stylish reputation. Make sure you’re on-trend by reading about these summer wardrobe essentials everyone should have.

Loose Tops

Summer and sweat are practically synonymous. There’s nothing worse than when your shirt sticks to your body for hours on end. Avoid this issue altogether by purchasing loose-fitting tops. Amaranth Collection is one of the top boutiques in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have plenty of flowy shirts with beautiful designs that’ll make a statement. Stay trendy and comfortable in the blaring heat by taking a look at our selection today.


There’s no reason to cover up all summer long. You’ll feel refreshed and more confident if you bare a little leg. Consider buying lots of variations of shorts so that you have more to choose from. Jean shorts are the perfect summer garment because you can pair them with anything. Throw on a basic tank top, and you have a fabulous outfit. Shorts with an elastic waistband are an excellent choice, as well, for people looking for more breathable options.


Just like legs, feet deserve to breathe during the summertime. Think about adding some vogueish sandals to your shoe collection this summer. Lots of people have misconceptions about this footwear. Sandals don’t have to be basic. Amaranth Collections has plenty of fabulous options that will elevate any look. We have colorful choices for gals in need of a pop or heeled sandal for ladies who want height. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.


Squinting in the sun isn’t a cute look for anybody. One way to look more self-assured while you have a conversation in the sun is to throw on a fabulous pair of sunglasses. These accessories are not only practical, but they’ll also enhance your style game. The right pair of shades can even increase your self-esteem and push you out of your comfort zone. People will award you endless compliments if you put some effort into your eyewear this season.

These are the summer wardrobe essentials everyone should have. Not only will these items keep you cool from the heat, but they’ll also increase your poise. Everyone feels better when they feel good about what they’re wearing. Be mindful of the garments you choose this season, and let Amaranth Collection be your number one online boutique that helps you on your style journey.



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