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We are closing permanently on February 15, 2021. Please use all Gift Cards before that time.

It's Time to Say Goodbye

Written by Elizabeth Whitehead


Posted on January 18 2021

Hi Friends!
Prepare your hearts. 💕
This announcement is a sad one.
I’ve been avoiding it for some time now. Letting any of my customers down is so hard for me. I’ve been wrestling with God on how to make this work because in all honesty, the relationships I’ve built through Amaranth Collection over the last 10 years goes deep for me.
All that to say, I have made the decision to close Amaranth Collection completely effective February 15, 2021.
Over the last two years, God has been putting a passion on my heart for helping other business owners. If you’ve been around my business long, you probably know I LOVE marketing and nurturing business growth through relationships, like… real, true love. (Don’t tell my husband!) 🤪 I will be transitioning into my new business venture full-time in February.
I’ve spent the last 10 years hustling to build a successful retail business, and it happened all because of every single one of you. You all believed in the brand, the vision, and our team. I couldn’t have made it this far without you.
The enemy in my mind fought me over closing the brick and mortar. “Don’t you count this as total failure?” And now he fights me the same on choosing to walk away from something I’ve dedicated my life to for almost a decade. My answer to those thoughts? No. This is not a failure. This is a choice I am making for my life, my mental health, and the future of my family.
Over the last two months, I closed the brick and mortar and chose to really take some time to evaluate the future of this business. I realized that amidst all that hustling I was missing out on things I really enjoy in life. For the first time in almost 7 years, I spent Christmas without anxiety of waking up the next day and running our after Christmas sale. I soaked up days with family, enjoyed slow mornings and lazy days playing with my son. I truly took time off that I haven’t taken in a very, very long time.
Even though it became clear to me that it was time to close this chapter, I fought it tooth and nail. I’ve had many a prayer session with God trying to think of all the ways I can manage, all the ways I think I can make it work, but the truth is that I cannot.
This has been the most difficult decision for me. Letting you all down has been the greatest thing holding me back from making the decision I know has been on my heart.
If you have outstanding gift cards, you will have until February 15th, 2021 to spend them. Because I have been working directly with my vendors, I will still be releasing new arrivals every day Monday through Thursday. You will have plenty of inventory to shop. If you’d like to support Amaranth Collection in the final month, I would be SO grateful. I would love to go out on a high note.
If you have eligible returns, or if you order through February 15th and need to make a return within the eligible time frame after that for refund, you may still do so. I'm not disappearing, just setting an end date for wrapping things up.
I love you all so much, and any local shop that you support is SO lucky to have you as their customer.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at
💕 Liz Whitehead, Owner



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