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3 Tips for Mastering How to Layer Your Clothes

Written by Bold Apps


Posted on February 03 2020

3 Tips for Mastering How to Layer Your Clothes

Ladies, layering your clothes is a real game-changer. There are so many enormous benefits to layering your clothing. If you never layer any of your outfits, your wardrobe will remain basic forever. Anyone looking to spice things up should read these tips for mastering how to layer your clothes. I promise you—you’ll notice a huge difference once you start layering. You’ll look fabulous, and it’s a simple way to improve your style.

Be Mindful of Materials

One of the biggest benefits of layering your clothes is the extra material. If your office is chilly, and you’re constantly struggling to stay warm, you should put a light t-shirt underneath your sweater. The extra layer will keep you much warmer. However, you need to be mindful of what material you’re trying to layer.

First of all, your outfit will look off if you try to layer materials that look too similar. For example, it’d be odd if you wore a velvet shirt underneath a suede sweater. Since the fabrics are so alike, the layering effect will be lost, and you could end up looking extremely bulky. Instead, mix and match the materials. Since suede is thick, pair it with a silkier undershirt to offset things.

Avoid Color Clashes

Layering your clothing is an excellent way to add color to your outfit. There’s nothing cuter than a bright camisole under a solid blazer or cardigan. Using colorful undertones is a great way to add dimension to any outfit.

Layers can help tone things down a bit, too. For example, if you’re wearing a bold floral-printed blouse, you can tone things down by wearing a tan undershirt below it. Adding soft undertones will bring some softness to a bold article of clothing. One vital tip for mastering how to layer your clothes is to avoid color clashes at all costs. Instead, try to choose colors that complement one another. Your entire outfit should flow as one cohesive look.

Think Seasonal

You must think seasonally when you’re layering your clothing. In the summer, you could try different forms of layering. Wear a cute jean jacket over a tank top; that way, you can easily take it off if you get too hot. During the winter, layer with warmth in mind. Bundle up, so you’re cozy wherever you are.

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