Store Hours

Join us at our store for the best selection of trendy dresses and cute jewelry. Our boutique runs weekly deals and we are always coming up with creative events to keep your shopping experience great.

 Monday - Friday 

10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. 


11:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. 

If our hours ever change or if we are closed, we will post it on our social media outlets. Please check our facebook page for the most current update to our store hours. 



Amaranth Collection is a Tulsa boutique. We bring you the cutest, trendiest, and most affordable boutique clothing. The goal of our boutique is to provide a relaxed environment with superior customer service. We want our customers to feel special as they shop our unique selection of clothing and jewelry. Our mission is to deliver a customer service experience that goes above and beyond.


We are often asked why we chose Amaranth Collection? The name Amaranth means never fading. We believe that three things about business should be never fading: Loyalty, Service, and Good Attitudes. It is our goal to provide our customers with the most unique shopping experience of boutiques in Tulsa and online boutiques. We want our customers to feel appreciated, catered to, and cheered up by their interaction with our store. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and the quality of products for our customers.


Trendy Jewelry

trendy jewelryJewelry is often the thing that sets off clothing to look its best. From a statement necklace to the perfect set of arm candy, your jewelry reflects your style. We offer jewelry that is quality without the high price tag. We believe that it's fun to change out your wardrobe without the guilt of overspending? We strive to find pieces that look just like your favorite designers! You will feel like a million bucks without having to pay a million bucks. It is our goal to bring you the hottest trends at affordable prices. Add some trendy jewelry with our sexy dresses and maxi dresses.


Boutique in Tulsa

Elizabeth Whitehead started Amaranth Collection in 2011. She started her company as a services boutique. Liz started her business as a pageant contestants image and communication consulting. As the business grew, she found her passion in helping customers find the perfect outfit. In January of 2012, Elizabeth launched a full line of clothing and accessories similar to other tulsa boutiques. With a quaint and quiet location, she saw the opportunity to provide a top-notch fashion service for customers. Customers also noticed that the clothing was unique and not available in the other boutiques around town. The best thing about the unique clothing is that it is affordable!

When asked why she decided to start the boutique, Elizabeth Whitehead said, “While competing in pageants I grew to love fashion. I wanted good quality with an affordable price tag. It was fun to share these clothes with women all over the nation. The clothes looked great while keeping our customer's bank accounts happy. Most of my customers feel wonderful when they splurge on a fabulous pair of shoes. Unfortunately, it isn’t always practical. We want to give women a shopping experience without the scary price tags. We'll always search for the best and cutest affordable priced clothes. Our customer service is our greatest aspirations. I want to create a bond of loyalty with our customers that let’s them know we care about the person and not the paycheck. We truly care about customer satisfaction.”

Online Boutiques

Online Boutique for Women with plus size piko top, fleece leggings and sexy dresses.  Come visit us today and learn what we offer. Amaranth Collection now ships nationwide everyday. You can’t beat the ease of online shopping with us! In late 2011 we launched our online boutique. With your support, it has grown rapidly. Women all over the nation have become loyal customers. Amaranth Collection now ships nationwide everyday. You can’t beat the ease of online shopping with us! We offer $6.50 flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders over $100. You will be impressed with the breath of our collection from fleece leggings to piko top.

Online Boutiques

The special service and quality you might expect from an expensive Beverly Hills Boutique and the cost you might see at kMart. Check us out for your next chevron dress, peplum tops, shift dress, black maxi skirt, tribal leggings, fleece leggings, aztec leggings, pocket tees, striped maxi dresses, flowy tops, sheer tops, maxi dresses, sexy dresses, heart jewelry, chunky necklace, pocket tee shirts, chevron cardigan, silver bangle bracelet, houndstooth infinity scarf, slimming camisole, pocket tees for women or plus size piko top.

Please note, our boutiques have plus size piko tops, fleece leggings, maxi dresses, sexy dresses, belted maxi dresses, lace sexy dresses!